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ADONIS Properties was born as a result of our experience of more than 40 years in the construction and promotion sector, our extensive knowledge of the local market, as well as excellence in real estate management. Our vocation is the maximum satisfaction of our clients, and we spare no effort to establish a long-term cooperative partnership with each client. With a portfolio of high quality and extraordinary properties selected, we focus 100% in the search of the requirements of our clients in Ibiza.


We are specialized in properties in Ibiza. ADONIS Properties offers residential and commercial properties for sale and some very special off-market properties in Ibiza, such as beach hotels, rural hotels, Condo hotels, boutique hotels, nightclubs, beach clubs, residential buildings, land for construction projects and all kinds of private villas.


ADONIS Properties will be responsible for all the process that the client requires for the acquisition of a property or investment in the island. For this we even have our own technical and legal team at the customer’s service. As well as a wide knowledge of the urban legislation and regulations, together with a precise knowledge of the administrative and institutional reality that help to streamline all the processes and necessary procedures.


Wolfgang Braunschweig

Wolfgang is German and has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate business and Internet marketing on the island. …… …… …….. ……. …..   …….. ……..
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Wolfgang Braunschweig

(+34) 678 700 700